Road diversions around Venduehuis The Hague

Destination traffic to Venduehuis The Hague

If your route to Venduehuis leads through the Mauritskade, you will encounter signs describing a diversion route at the junction of Noordeinde and Zeestraat. These signs will read ‘wegomlegging Zeestraat’ (detour Zeestraat) and ‘wegomlegging Torenstraat’ (detour Torenstraat). You can ignore these signs!


Instead, you can go straight ahead through the road narrowing at the junction. From there on, you can follow the road, along the curve to the left, past the concrete roadblock at the Piet Heinplein. Go straight ahead over the Prinsessewal and at the end of this street, go straight ahead at the junction to the Prinsestraat. The third street on the left is the Nobelstraat.


Traffic from Venduehuis

While driving away from Venduehuis The Hague, cross the junction of Nobelstraat and the Prinsestraat: be aware, you are very briefly wrong-way driving. When you arrive at the fork in the road, follow the narrow street on the right. At the end, cross the sidewalk and turn right, past the roadblock (watch out for pedestrians and cyclists!). You will end up on the normal road. Go straight ahead, take the second street on the right – Noordwal – and follow the curved road to the left. You have returned to the Prinsessewal and will end up on the Mauritskade by following this road.


The Q-park car park on the corner of Torenstraat-Rijnstraat can be reached via de route above, titled “Traffic from Venduehuis”.