Buyer’s premium
Lots with a hammer price of less than €15,000 30% all-in (VAT included)
Lots with a hammer price of €15,000 or more, 24% all-in (VAT included)

When you want to join the bidding process during our live auctions via the external auction site Invaluable we will charge you 5% extra on top of the hammer price. 

The Droit-de-suite fee is the right of the artist of an original of a work of art to receive a percentage of the selling price with every subsequent resale of that work.B.V. Venduehuis der Notarissen in The Hague will, in accordance with the Dutch law, recover the statutory droit-de-suite fee from the buyer. The Venduehuis will also see to the financial processing.

The droit-de-suite fee will be calculated starting at €3,000 on the sales price including buyers premium (excluding VAT) as composed of the following percentages:

> €       3,000     <€    50,000      4%
> €    50,000     <€ 200,000      3%
> € 200,000     <€ 350,000      1%
> € 350,000     <€ 500,000     0,5%
≥ € 500,000       0,25% (with a maximum of € 12,500) 

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