Buying at the Venduehuis The Hague 
Venduehuis The Hague is the leading auction house in The Netherlands, where regularly record prices are achieved. For over 210 years we have been serving art collectors, art lovers and anyone with an interest in high quality art and antiques in the Netherlands and worldwide. We make use of our expert knowledge and personal network of art historians, collectors and museums across the world. Prices range from €35 to over €1 million. We strongly believe Art is for ALL. At Venduehuis The Hague we stand for Art is Affordable Luxury. 

Online catalogue
You are welcome to browse our online e-catalogues available free of charge. Please click here for the Upcoming Auctions to view our e-catalogues.

Explanation of Cataloguing Practice of pictures, drawings, prints and miniatures 

The Venduehuis uses the following expressions with their accompanying explanations. These expressions do not take in to account the condition of the lot. We recommended buyers to inspect the property themselves. Written condition reports are usually available on request and give an impression about the condition. 

Bidding options 
The Venduehuis The Hague offers a wide range of bidding options. You can bid in person in the salesroom, in writing, by telephone (you can ask a telephone line in English, Dutch, German, French, Chinese) or online. Click here for more information on bidding options. 

Since February 2023, we have been working with a new auction system. Click here for instructions on how to place a direct or maximum bid during an online auction.

Bid limit

The Venduehuis works to prevent over-crediting with bid limits. The standard bid limit is € 15,000. If you intend to bid more than € 15,000, you must submit a written request to in which you state your desired bid limit. We would also like to receive a copy of your proof of identity. Please send us this request at least the day before the auction. We will reply to you by email as soon as we have received your inquiry.

Terms and Conditions

Payments can be done by cash or debit card at the desk at our head location, Nobelstraat 5, The Hague, or via online banking. Please note, you are expected to pay and collect your items within 5 (five) working days after the auction day. Click here for more information on Terms and Conditions.

Retrieving your lot

If you have bought a lot, we would like to ask you to collect it as soon as possible or arrange for it to be shipped by Easy2Send

However, if you do not pick up your lot(s) when you have been urged to do so by phone or in writing thrice within a period of two months or longer, Venduehuis The Hague is entitled to sell or auction off this lot, against any reasonable offer. 

If the costs of the previous auction(s) (at least € 150 per auction) and any other costs exceed the proceeds of the auctioned/sold lot, these costs are payable by the buyer. Any costs that were already paid will not be refunded to the buyer, in this case.

If your lot has not been retrieved six months after the auction, Venduehuis The Hague is entitled to sell or auction off the lot, regardless of whether or not you have been asked to retrieve the lot.

The Terms & Conditions can be found here for your perusal. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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