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About Vendue Next Door

Venduehuis The Hague operates in two auction formats depending on the value of the goods. Art objects with the relatively modest value are handled in our location at the Forepark, Oder 18, The Hague. This auction format represents Vendue Next Door or in short, VND.
Goods auctioned at VND include household articles such as tableware, clocks, mirrors, paintings, furniture, glass, lamps, etc. 

How to buy at VND?

1. Create an account at Venduehuis and log-in. 

2. Enjoy the variety of the art objects exhibited online and choose the one(s) you fall in love with.

3. Start bidding. How does the bidding work? When the auction ends 15 (fifteen) lots are closed every 3 (three) minutes. Please note, if your bid is placed on a lot in the final 3 (three) minutes, the auction of that lot will be extended by 3 (three) minutes. When you wish to place or increase your bid you have two options:

- You can place your bid by pressing the [BID] button and your next bid will be automatically adjusted by the next increase; OR

- You can place your maximum bid at once and the system automatically will place a counter-bid until your highest amount has been reached. 

4. If you have won the lot: Congratulations! You will receive an invoice directly after the end of the auction.

5. Purchase(s) can be collected at VND location at Oder 18, The Hague, the next day after auction has been completed. Please note, your purchased item is expected to be collected within 5 (five) working days.  

6. You are welcome to come and collect it yourself or we will be happy to ship your purchased item(s) to you by a carrier. Please request a quote here.

At Venduehuis Forepark we offer the following payment options

- Debit or Credit Cards at the desk. 

- By a bank transfer: IBAN: NL12 ABNA 0608 8865 13. Payee: Venduehuis (please keep in mind it might take a few days before we receive your payment).

- By iDeal 

Please view our terms, auction fees, and any other applicable costs here.


Vendue Next Door
Oder 18
2491 DC 's-Gravenhage
Tel: +31 085 043 06 50

Tuesday - Friday | 10 AM - 4 PM

Opening Hours

Venduehuis The Hague location Forepark is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Appraisals are given at the location Venduehuis Nobelstraat 5 (The Hague Centre). For verbal valuations and/or bringing your art and antiques please make an appointment, to make sure the expert that you want to talk to is available. Please contact the Venduehuis The Hague at +31 (0)70 365 88 57.

The auction house is closed on generally recognized public holidays and anniversaries.