Meet our staff: Team 'Tanneke'

Meet our Team 'Tanneke'

Wondering who is sitting on the other side of your phone call? ☎️ Our responsible lady's team Tanja, Anneke and Tosca. 

“I like everything” answers Anneke to the question about her highlight at working in the Venduehuis. “The in and out walking of a notably wide variety of customers, Dutch and international, but also the livelywork atmosphere in-house. Customer registrations, incoming email and phone requests, internal as well as external orders, provisions and so forth.” ‘Team Tanneke’ takes care of all indispensable auction preparations from A to Z. 

“Working for weeks or even months towards this defining moment of a hammer auction is rewarding.” states the office manager Tanja, while reaching to the ringing telephone. With one aspect ‘Team Tanneke’is on the same page, “the joy of solving issues and thereby leaving a delighted customer with a smile behind.”