The Antoon Gaemers Collection: Four Generations of Chronometry

The Antoon Gaemers Collection: Four Generations of Chronometry


Our current auction ‘The Antoon Gaemers Collection: Four Generations of Chronometry’ is a unique and exceptional auction, presenting clocks, watches, tools, books, and accessories from the estate of Antoon Gaemers.


Antoon Gaemers was a Dutch clockmaker and the fourth ‘A. Gaemers’ to head the family business. For more than 140 years, this family business created, restored, and tended to timepieces. While Antonius Gaemers (the third generation) was owner of the business, the shop was moved to the Noordeinde in The Hague.


Antoon Gaemers himself started to work in the family business after receiving his diploma from the Christiaan Huygensschool in Rotterdam, becoming head of the business in 1980. He, and his business, were known for high-quality pieces and excellent care, and consequently, worked with many high-profile clients. The municipality of The Hague, the Peace Palace, the Council of State and various museums were only a few of his clients. One of his most famous clients was Princess Beatrix, whose collection of timepieces he was tasked to restore.


Antoon was also very involved with the Noordeinde in The Hague, defending the interests of the neighbourhood and all shops located here. He also was the initiator of the foundation ‘Stichting Haegsche Tijd’, which is a group of horologists and other clock enthusiasts, and was planning on opening a museum. Furthermore, he worked as a specialist at Venduehuis The Hague, giving advice to clients, conducting valuations and working on repairs and restorations.


Sadly, Antoon Gaemers passed away in 2020.


We are proud Venduehuis The Hague was chosen as the auction house for the extensive collection of this exceptionally talented and kind man, who has meant a lot to Dutch horology and to us, the team of Venduehuis The Hague.