Rijksmuseum buys painting “Iboekoe” by Trubus

Rijksmuseum buys painting “Iboekoe” by Trubus

Fate was not kind to Trubus Soedarsono. He was born into a poor family and grew into an important revolutionary painter, whose artistic development came about during the Japanese occupation. The nationalist with a strong social humanitarian streak painted a portrait of his mother, sensitive and sorrowful, with the red-white pin of the nationalist movement on her kebaya as a subtle detail.


During the hunt on communists in the 1960s, Trubus vanished without a trace, like many of his fellow (alleged) communist artists. This work with historic importance was hammered down for € 22.000 during the auction on 28 August 2019.

This work can now be admired in the exhibition “Revolusi” in the Rijksmuseum, the new owner of the artwork.

Discover the portrait here on our website.

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