Voorjaarsveiling Kunst en Antiek 2017


Kavel 4501

A terracotta bust of Madame Du Barry

Copy of a 1773 sculpture by Augustin Pajou, on a black wooden base.
19th century.
H 53 cm.

Kavel 4502

After Guillaume II Coustou (1716-1777)

"Marly Horses", two bronze sculptures of a young man holding a prancing horse. After the original pair of large marble sculptures, which were commissioned in 1739 for the horse pond in the gardens of the Château de Marly. (2)
19th century.
H 36 and 38 cm.

Kavel 4503

After James Pradier (1790-1852)

Large white marble sculpture of a dancing nude holding a drapery and a putto at her feet, on a round base.
20th century.
H 158 cm.

Kavel 4504

Pierre Jules Mène (1810-1879)

A hunting dog pointing and looking to the right, on a rectangular base with foliage and branches.
19th century, signed J.P. Mène.
Connection of the tail slightly loose.
L 33 cm.

Kavel 4505

Jean Didier Debut (1824-1893)

"Janissaire", a bronze sculpture of a standing Arab fighter with a sword, pistol and rifle, on a square base.
France, 19th century, signed and with title and Paris mark.
H 33 cm.

Kavel 4506

A bronze sculpture of a man with cymbals

Leaning on one foot, with sandels and supported by a treetrunk.
Ca. 1900.
H 58 cm.

Kavel 4507

Claudius Marioton (1844 - 1919)

A bronze sculpture of a classical snake charmer with a snake around his left arm, on a rectangular base with inscription "Fascinator".
Ca. 1900.
H 33 cm.

Kavel 4508

A bronze sculpture of a blacksmith

A standing blacksmith wearing a skirt and holding a large ladle, on a marble base.
Early 20th century, probably German.
H 47 cm.

Kavel 4509

Louis Auguste Moreau (1855-1919)

"Un Critique d'Art", a bronze sculpture of a young boy holding a portrait drawing and a lorgnette, at his feet a brush pot and the title on a palette.
France, ca. 1900, signed.
H 53 cm.

Kavel 4510

Emmanuel Villanis (1858-1914)

A bronze sculpture of a chained woman. Signed at the base: Villanis, with inscription: Prise de Corsaire.
19th century, France.
H 85 cm, base 24x19,5 cm.

Kavel 4511

Karl Schüppel (1876-?)

A bronze sculpture of a standing deer, on a green marble base.
Signed at the base and '28.
H 36 cm.

Kavel 4512

Johanna Adriana (Jo) Schreve-IJzerman (1867-1933)

A bronze sculpture of a nude lying on a rock, "Da war es öd und leer".
Early 20th century, signed. Cast by Gieterij J.K.C. Sneltjes, Haarlem.
H 34 cm.

Kavel 4513

A marble bust of a woman

Wearing a cap and with a light brown drapery around the shoulders, on a square base.
19th century.
60x43x25 cm.

Kavel 4514

A bronze sculpture of the Egyptian prinsess holding Mozes

Kneeling, with the basket on her knee and Mozes in her arms.
Probably France, ca. 1900.
H 35 cm.

Kavel 4515

Hans Parzinger (XIX-XX)

A bronze sculpture of Salomé standing next to the head of John the Baptist, on a rectangular base.
First half 20th century, signed on the base.

Kavel 4516 Volgrecht / Droit de suite Volgrecht van toepassing

Leendert Bolle (1879-1942)

A concrete head of a labourer.
First half 20th century.
Small damage just above the left eye.
H 24 cm.
Provenance: estate of the artist Antoinette Gispen (1921-2015), daughter of Willem Hendrik Gispen (1890-1981).

Kavel 4517 Volgrecht / Droit de suite Volgrecht van toepassing

Fred Carasso (1899-1969)

A bronze sculpture of a reclining female nude.
1964, signed, nine of an edition of hundred.
10x15 cm.

Kavel 4518 Volgrecht / Droit de suite Volgrecht van toepassing

Dutch School mid 20th century

A bronze sculpture of a standing farmer sowing and wearing a cap and wooden shoes, on a square base.
Signed with monogram HE and 'maart 1945'.
H 71 cm.

Kavel 4519 Volgrecht / Droit de suite Volgrecht van toepassing

Henri Matthieu (Han) Wezelaar (1901-1984)

"Naald en draad", a bronze sculpture with a black patina of a standing woman threading a needle.
1984, signed, one of an edition of six.
H 62 cm.
Literature : J. Teeuwisse, Han Wezelaar Statuaire, Zwolle, 2003, p 213,
272-273, no. 255 (another cast illustrated).
Provenance: Acquired by the present owner from a private French collection.

Kavel 4520 Volgrecht / Droit de suite Volgrecht van toepassing

Magda Frank Fisher (1914-2010)

An abstract carved wooden sculpture.
Modern, signed with monogram MF.
H 37 cm.