Voorjaarsveiling Kunst en Antiek 2017


Kavel 3501

A pink jade vase

Of oval form with two ringed horse heads, the cover with a horse shaped finial, on a carved wooden stand.
Ca. 1900.
Rings glued.
H 10,5 cm (without stand).

Kavel 3502

A dark limestone sculpture of a standing buddhist monk

Wearing a long mantle and tunic, the hands together.
China, 18th century.
The hands slightly damaged, some minor damages.
H 27 cm.

Kavel 3503

A horn seal

Carved with a sitting foo-dog and with good fortune characters on the bottom.
19th century.
No damages noticed.
H 6 cm.

Kavel 3504

Chinese School: two gouaches

Painted with seascapes and sailing junks, oval in rectangular frames. (2)
Second half 19th century.
Frames slightly damaged.
14x18 cm (painting) and 27,5x31 cm (total).

Kavel 3505

Two carved soapstone seals

Of rectangular form with an incised floral ornament band around the top rim and with carved sitting foo-dogs looking to the side. (2)
19th century.
H 14,5 cm.

Kavel 3506

A Chinese cloisonné enamel small plate

Decorated to the center with a lion amidst clouds, surrounded by a floral band and silkworm design, the back with a floral pattern.
Ca. 1800.
No damages noticed.
D 16 cm.

Kavel 3507

A collection of six brass Chinese locks and keys.

oblong models, without decoration. (6)
Qing, 19th century.
L from 7 to 16 cm.

Kavel 3508

Two Chinese polychrome enamel wine kettles with covers

With upright handles, one hexagonal and one lobed, the first one decorated with a garden scene with figures, the other one with river landscapes in panels, both with floral ornaments. (2)
19th century.
the first one with enamel damage round the spout and handle base, the other one with restorations near the handle base, both finials with restorations.
H 17 cm.

Kavel 3509

A Chinese polychrome enamel wine pot and a tea caddy with covers

The pear shaped pot with dome shaped cover and decorated with European scenes in cartouches on an ornamental ground, the rectangular tea caddy with landscapes with Europeans in panels on a floral ground. (2)
19th century, marked at the base with a floral medallion.
Some smaller enamel damages and some enamel restorations, round the spout, on the covers.
H 16 and 13,5 cm.

Kavel 3510

A collection of Chinese polychrome enamel ware

Consisting of two cups and covers, a bowl, six small cups, five saucers and two snuff bottles, with different decorations of landscapes, flowers and European subjects. (18)
19th century.
Several damages and small restorations.
D 12 cm (bowl).

Kavel 3511

Twelve Japanese coloured woodprints

Eleven prints triple oban format and one double oban, all with different, mostly military scenes with many figures. (12)
Early 20th century.
Nine triple oban prints framed, two unframed, one double oban framed.

Kavel 3512

A Chinese carved ivory card holder

with medallions depicting scenes with figures and floral bands.
Late 19th century.
No damages noticed.
11x7x1 cm.

Kavel 3513

A large Chinese cloisonné enamel charger

Flower shaped, decorated to the center with flowers and white birds, surrounded by ornamental bands with floral designs and phoenix, the rear with blue enamel.
Ca. 1900.
No damages noticed.
D 60 cm.

Kavel 3514

A Japanese ivory okimono

Two street artists, a man and a young boy.
19th century, marked.
Left hand of the boy damaged.
H 13 cm.

Kavel 3515

A jade vase in gu shape

Decorated with taotie masks and a leaf design between vertical ribs. On a wooden stand.
19th century.
Top rim restoration, some chips.
H 21 cm (total).

Kavel 3516

A Japanese lacquered wood and ivory standing geisha

Wearing kimono decorated with a gilt leaf design, with ivory feet, hands and head and holding a fan with a cricket in the right hand.
Meiji period, late 19th century.
Lower part of the kimono repaired, some small damages on the fan, some repairs and a hair ornament missing.
H 36 cm.

Kavel 3517

A bronze figure of buddha

Sitting on a lotus throne, the right hand in bhumisparsa mudra, the left in dhyana mudra.
Thailand, 19th century.
Small part on the left hand missing.
H 17 cm.

Kavel 3518

A Japanese bronze figure of an archer

A samurai archer leaning backwards on one knee, decorated with gilt mons.
Meiji period, late 19th century, signed by Akasofu Gyoko.
Right arm loose, bow missing.
H 39 cm.

Kavel 3519

A Chinese bronze archaistic 'You' vessel and cover

A ritual wine vessel in the manner of the Western Zhou dynasty, decorated with taotie masks, bands of stylised dragons and ribs in relief, the handle twisted.
H 25 cm.

Kavel 3520

A Kalimantan mandau

A Dayak mandau or parang ihlang, the bone handle carved and decorated with hair, the piso raout with bone and horn striped handle, scabbard made of wood and bark and decorated with carvings and hair.
Indonesia, ca. 1900.
L ca. 75 cm.