Voorjaarsveiling Kunst en Antiek 2017

Europees porselein en glas

Kavel 2501

A Dutch Delft blue oil and vinegar set

The cruet stand with a loop handle, the cruet bottles and covers both with an 'A' on the spout, decorated with a floral design.
18th century, marked 't Fortuyn.
Some chips, finials restored, restorations on the covers.
H 16,5 cm (bottles).

Kavel 2502

A Delft blue pottery deep dish

Decorated to the center with a rural scene with two farmers working the land, surrounded by floral designs in panels and an ornamental rim.
18th century, marked De Porceleyne Claeuw.
Some rim chips.
28x33 cm.

Kavel 2503

Three Dutch Delft blue tobacco jars

Of baluster form, one inscribed 'Tonca' and one 'Marteniek', the smaller one 'Duyn Kerken' in catouches. With copper covers.
The large ones 18th century, one marked De Vergulde Blompot, one De Porceleyne Claeuw, the small one 19th century and unmarked.
Chips and glaze damages, the Marteniek jar with damaged top rim.
H ca. 30 cm.

Kavel 2504

A Dutch Delft blue jar and cover

The globular body decorated with a chinoiserie river landscape with figures.
18th century.
Small top rim restoration, cover with small rim restorations and hairline, chips.
H 37 cm.

Kavel 2505

A Dutch Delft blue five piece garniture

Consisting of three baluster shaped vases and covers and two beakers, decorated with a river landscape with a small boat and buildings in a floral cartouche, the covers with parrots. (5)
18th century, marked De Porceleyne Bijl.
One cover not original, the other two damaged and with old restorations, one beaker with rim restoration, rim chips.
H ca. 40 and 26,5 cm.

Kavel 2506

A Dutch Delft blue tobacco box and cover

Square model with moulded sides, the cover with floral finial and decorated with landscapes with a man on the waterfront and romantic couples.
Ca. 1765, marked GVS, Geertruy Verstelle, Het Oude Moriaenshooft.
Finial with restorations, horizontal and vertical hairlines, chips.
19x14x14 cm.

Kavel 2507

Two Dutch Delft polychrome parrot dishes

One with a parrot on a flowering branch, the other with rockwork and a parrot on a yellow ring. (2)
18th century.
Some small rim chips.
D 22,5 cm.

Kavel 2508

A Dutch Delft polychrome plate and two dishes

The larger one with a flower vase and a bird at the waterfront and flowers in cartouches on a brown back, the smaller ones with a flower basket and floral rim. (3)
18th century.
Some rim chips, large dish with long hairline.
D 31 en 23,5 cm.

Kavel 2509

Two Dutch Delft polychrome figural casters

Shaped as a man carrying a barrel and a woman with a basket on the head. (2)
18th century.
Some chips.
H 15,5 and 17 cm.
Provenance: Muller Dietens collection.

Kavel 2510

A Dutch Delft polychrome 'Bobbejak'

Shaped as a seated man with a green coat, a brass tap between his feet and a handle in the form of a branch at the back.
18th century, marked De 3 Vergulde Astonnekens.
Some small chips, hairlines in the belly, the left leg and the bottom.
H 32 cm.

Kavel 2511

a porcelain trembleuse and cover

The cup with two ears, the finial in the form of a flower and decorated with landscapes and romantic couples in beet red.
Hoechst, late 18th century.
No damages noticed.
D 14 cm (saucer).

Kavel 2512 Volgrecht / Droit de suite Volgrecht van toepassing

A Meissen polychrome coffee service

A baluster shaped coffeepot and cover with wishbone handle, a sugarbowl and cover, a slop bowl and four cups and saucers, decorated with romantic scenes with figures in cartouches, flowers and pink scale ornamental bands. (11)
Mid 18th century, base of the coffee pot left unglazed, and having an incised 'N', crossed swords mark to the base of the handle, the rest with crossed sword marks on the base.
The spout and the handle of the coffee pot with small chip, slop bowl with rim chip, the cover of the sugar bowl with small firing crack, finials with very small frits.
H 23 cm (coffee pot).

Kavel 2513

A The Hague polychrome porcelain coffeepot

Pear shaped model, the domed cover with a metal acorn finial, decorated with flowers.
18th century, marked with a stork in blue.
base of the handle, the cover and spout damaged.
H 23 cm.

Kavel 2514

Een sepia and gilt porcelain tea service

Consisting of a octagonal oblong dish, a bowl, three large cups and saucers and 16 smaller cups and saucers. Hand painted with romantic landscapes and villages in sepia on a white ground, made for a marriage jubilee.(40)
First half 19th century, Large dish and some saucers signed: Door Maria en Minette van Rappard, 16 April 1839".
One cup without ear, some hairlines and small damages.
34x22 cm (large dish).

Kavel 2515

A polychrome and gilt vase

on a square stand and square foot, two handles and the cover with pineapple shaped finial, decorated with romantic scenes with putti: "Gesäng" and "Ernte".
19th century, marked with beehive mark.
Some wear on the gilt parts.
H 33 cm.

Kavel 2516

Two polychrome and gilt porcelain vases

Of classical krater form, the handles with classical masks and decorated with a view on the garden "Land en Yzigt" and the estate "Zwanenburg", both outside of Amsterdam. (2)
19th century.
No damages noticed.
H 28 cm.

Kavel 2517

A pair of polychrome and gilt porcelain vases

On square feet, the body with elephant head shaped handles and decorated with a 'chinoiserie' design with two men and two women, flanked by gilded bamboo, flowers, butterflies and birds, between bands of gilded ornaments on a turquoise background. Mounted with brass. (2)
Paris, ca. 1870, marked in blue on the bottom of the body.
Some wear on the gilded parts.
H 31 cm.

Kavel 2518

A pair of Samson polychrome porcelain vases

Beaker vases, decorated with a famille rose chinoiserie design of birds, butterflies, precious objects and flowering branches on a white background and light blue ice pattern. (2)
French, 19th century.
One with top rim restoration.
H 48,5 cm.

Kavel 2519

A Dutch Delft blue tile picture

Consisting of fifteen tiles, with an interior scene of a young Makkum couple in front of a mirror, after a painting by Christoffel Bisschop. In a wooden frame.
1884, marked 'De Porceleyne Fles' and dated, painter Leon Senf.
No damages noticed.
76x45 cm.

Kavel 2520

A Rozenburg sepia pottery tile

Depicting a harbour scene with a man carrying a basket and a heavy sack. In a wooden frame.
1888, marked and dated on the backside, painter C. Koppenol, signed.
No damages noticed.
23x17 cm.