Voorjaarsveiling Kunst en Antiek 2017


Kavel 1501

A collection silver American flatware

Pattern "Old French" , USA, New York, beginning 20th century. Gorham, sterling. Monogram AMA. Pattern "Old French" Consisting of twelve table knives and table forks, six coffespoons and six dessert spoons, twelve dessert knives, six dessert forks, twelve cakeforks, a gravy ladle, three vegetable serving spoons and a rice serving spoon. (some forks and knives in worn condition)

Kavel 1502

Two Dutch silver flagons

Partly fluted, on square foot. The domed covers with A and V finial. (The beaded base on one foot incomplete.) Maker Roelandus Antonius Verlegh, Breda E under crown =1805. H. ca. 11 cm.

Kavel 1503

A Dutch silver miniature sledge with horse

Amsterdam, maker Arnoldus van Geffen, A=1760.

Kavel 1504

A Dutch silver cork srew

Baluster sleeve with scrolls. The screw half missing. With falcon finial. Apparently unmarked, second half 18th century.

Kavel 1505

A Dutch silver miniature horseman

Maker Willem van Strant, before 1734 ( worked from 1727-1746), Amsterdam.

Kavel 1506

A silver dish, Bogota, Voorjaar

Oval shaped with openworked edge with coat of arms of the provinces of Colombia between lions and crowns. Bogota, Colombia, 20th century, marked 900. Size 41,5 cm x 33 cm.

Kavel 1507

A silver meatdish

Oval with ribbed edge. Brussels, Belgium, maker P. Hendrickx (1831-1868) Z. 800. Size 45 x 30,5 cm.
1540 gr.

Kavel 1508

Two silver salvers

Square on round foot with shaped reeded rim. Maker Hendrik Swierinck, Amsterdam, 1748. Size ca. 20x20x4cm.
Gewicht 546 gram (2x)

Kavel 1509

A Dutch silver miniature mortar and pestle

Maker van Frederik van Strant, Amsterdam, O=1748.

Kavel 1510

A silver miniature tray

Rectangular with sloping reeded sides and all four openworked with kidney form in the centre. Maker Cornelis Coutrier, before 1734. Amsterdam 1730-1749. Size ca. 8 x 5 cm.

Kavel 1511

A silver wickerwork basket

Simulate oval shape pierced in wickerwork with beaded rim. The swing handle pierced with ovals. Maker Johannes Hermanus Logerath, Amsterdam. Z = 1784. (Hallmarked roughly) Size circa 26,5 x 20,5 x 7 cm.

Kavel 1512

A silver miniature cooking pot

The band engraved with stripes. The cover engraved with a flower and a pointed finial. On leaf and scrolled supports. Maker possibly dolphin, Lodewijk Eylof, Amsterdam, end 17th century.

Kavel 1513

A silver filigree box

Rectangular, with hinged cover (damaged) Apparently unmarked. Size 14 x 7,5 x 9,5 cm.

Kavel 1514

A silver tea caddy

An plain empire model with ribbed edge. The hollow cover with pine cone finial on leaf decoration. Maker J. A. van der Toorn, The Hague, 1826. 835/1000. Size ca. 12 x 8 cm. (with key, but lock in moderate condition)

Kavel 1515

A collection of Dutch silver flatware in canteen

A Dutch plain pattern. Consisting of ten table forks and spoons, nine dessert forks (three tines) and twelve spoons and fourteen forks (four tines) twelve fish forks and spoons, twelve small spoons, twentysix teaspoons, twelve longdrink spoons, salad serving fork and spoon, soup ladle, gravy spoon, fish serving fork, meat serving fork, five small various spoons, four small butter knives, three various cheese/butter knives, croquet server, rice serving spoon, egg server and a fish server of another pattern. Various makers including Gerritsen en van Kempen, Zeist, Royal van Kempen en Begeer and 't Hart, the Hague, including 1936. 1948 and 1949. 835/1000 and 925/1000. With additional knives with imitation ivory handles. Size of canteen 54 x32 x 30.

Kavel 1516

A silver tray

Rectangular with rounded edges, pierced with crossed lines under beaded border. On four hoof feet, Amsterdam , maker Eagidius Adelaar, 1824, 925/1000. Size app. 39 x 28, 5 cm. (with restorations)

Kavel 1517

Three silver various beakers

Two Russia 18th century and one possibly Germany, apparently unmarked.

Kavel 1518

A pair of silver breadbaskets

Oval shaped with beaded rim, pierced pales and scrolls. Marked with import hallmark of D. Aubert, The Hague/Voorburg. Second half 20th century. 835/1000. Size 24 x 19 cm.
Weight approx. 303 and 297 grams.

Kavel 1519

A large silver serving spoon

A Dutch plain model. Maker Frederik Rudolf Precht, Amsterdam, K=1769. Also struck with three Dutch duty hallmarks and alloy hallmark 925/1000.

Kavel 1520

A Dutch silver tray

Richely chased with Moses and the ten commandments, leaf vines, putto heads and crown above oval. On four supports depicting apostles. Sneek, Possibly L under crown, first half of 18th century. Size ca. 32,5 cm x 24 cm.