Voorjaarsveiling Kunst en Antiek 2017

Lampen, spiegels, klokken

De klokken zijn in huidige staat zonder onderhoudscertificaat. Indien gewenst kan door onze specialist, de heer Gaemers informatie verstrekt worden om de klokken in operationele staat te laten brengen.

Kavel 5001

A carriage clock, officers’ clock

A spring-driven clock with lever escapement and alarm function. The rectangular fire-gilt case with a carrying handle and set with glass, the cyphers silver-plated, the dial-face signed.
1790-1810, France.
H 17 cm.

Kavel 5002

A table pendulum

Saw clock driven by its own weight along a saw-tooth bar.
Early 19th century, France.
H 32 cm.

Kavel 5003

A small table pendulum

With a rare 24hours dial-face, the clockwork with lever escapement, double striking train on two silver bronze chimes. With a winding mechanism at the back, the brass back-plate embellished with engravings. The case lavishly decorated with gold painted ornaments, the clock-hands and clock-face are fire-gilt.
Second half 18th century, England.
38x18x14 cm.

Kavel 5004

A Swiss night clock

A spring driven clock with lever escapement, eight-day going train. The winding mechanism at the back and with a rotating, openwork chapter ring to read the time with candle light.
19th century, Basel.
H 29 cm.

Kavel 5005

A small cartel clock

An eight-day going clock with single striking train and lever escapement. The timepiece and the striking mechanism are driven by a single spring. The dial-face with inscription: Lépinne à Paris.
Second half 18th century, France.
H 36 cm.

Kavel 5006

A Kuschwald pendulum

A miniature clock with one-day going train and struck on a gong.
Early 19th century, Austria.
H 14 cm.

Kavel 5007

A table pendulum

With hour indication, the full hours are struck. With fire-gilt brass case, silver plated chapter ring and spandrels, the spring-case is embellished with engravings. The winding mechanism is complete, including a Maltese clock movement.
17th, 18th century, Germany.
4,5x6,5x6,5 cm.

Kavel 5008

A French fireplace mantle clock

With an eight-day going train and anchor-escapement. The ormolu case in the shape of the swan drawn chariot of Aphrodite.
Early 18th century.
The clockwork and the case are both in moderate condition.
40x37x14 cm.

Kavel 5009

A console clock

With an anchor escapement, the striking mechanism has a count wheel. The full- and half hours are struck on one chime. The cyphers on the dial-face on fitted enameled cartouches.
The tortoise-shell veneered case with ormolu mounts.
19th century.
The clockwork and the case are both in moderate condition. The tortoise-shell veneer is partially missing.
72x35x15 cm.

Kavel 5010

A cartel clock

With eight-day going train and anchor escapement, the striking mechanism has a count wheel. The clockwork has many restorations, the incomplete case has renewed gilding, possibly a ‘marriage’.
19th century, France.
64x44x18 cm.

Kavel 5011

A Dutch longcase clock

The English mechanism of the clockwork has a striking mechanism with a count wheel. The full- and half hours are struck on a small and large chime. The chapter ring engraved: Fromanteel, Amsterdam. The case has many restorations, the cut-out decoration of the hood is missing, the base renewed. The clockwork needs restoration-work.
1st half 18th century.

Kavel 5012

A French fireplace mantle clock

With an eight-day going train and anchor-escapement, struck on full and half hours. The case mounted with a Persian warrior in dichromatic bronze, partially ormolu.
2nd half 19th century.
52x40x14 cm.

Kavel 5013

An Atmos clock

The clockwork with barometer-construction and fitted in a chromed brass case.
1950s, Switzerland.
24x22x17 cm.

Kavel 5014

A Frisian longcase clock

With one-day going train, the polychrome painted dial-face with Roman cyphers. The case embellished with intarsia, in the base of the trunk a gold painted cartouche with firepot decor from a later date.
Ca. 1860, Friesland.

Kavel 5015

A pendulum skeleton clock

An eight-day going train and seperate alarm function, with anchor escapement and movement with chord suspension.
19th century.
H 18 cm.

Kavel 5016

A lyra shaped wall pendulum

With a large, square clockwork, quarter striking on two chimes, with an anchor escapement and movement with chord suspension. The paper dial face renewed.
2nd half 19th century, France.
100x46x15 cm.

Kavel 5017

A Dutch bracket clock

With full calendar (moon, month and day), double striking train, alarm function, lever escapement and repeater mechanism. The platform engraved at the back: 'Paulus Bramer'. The brass and partially silvered dial face and clockwork both signed, the four seasons as corner ornaments.
18th century, Dutch.
51x32x20 cm.

Kavel 5018

An English longcase clock

With an eight-day going train and anchor escapement, striking on full hours, and with a full calendar (moon, month and day). The silvered dial face with Roman cyphers and inscription: 'G. Payne Ludlow', the seconds indication decentralized. The oak trunk mahonganycoloured and with restaurations.
19th century.
Both the dial face and the trunk with restaurations.
228x48x28 cm.

Kavel 5019

An eighteenth century longcase clock

With eight-day going train, striking on a large and small chime, with anchor escapement and alarm function. The brass dial-face with silvered chapter ring, signed: Paulus Bramer, Amsteldam, and with four gilded spandrels and Roman cyphers. The dial-face with full calendar (day, month and moon), adorned with automaton ships in the lunette. The oakwood case with flower grain veneer and finely carved crest. In the door of the trunk a brass cartouche depicting Europe.
18th century, Holland.
The sculpted wooden finials restored.
287x44x24 cm.

Kavel 5020

A mahogany longcase clock, by Steven Hoogendijk (1698-1788)

With moon-, day- and date- indicator. Three weights, and crowned with two gilded wooden angels and Atlas. With 11 and 2 bells. (two melodies). Carillion with six melodies. The case with four columns.
Dutch, 18th century.
H. 265 cm.